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maandag 21 april 2008

Plastic Surprise

From 1980.
Arranged By - Eddy Strauman (was also involved in the production of Nightlight Unlimited first LP and the album of Tangerue)
Percussion - Miguel Fuentes (also involved in Nightlife Unlimited and Tangerue, furthermore contributed to Hi Gloss, The Jones Girls, African Suite and many more)
Producer - Peter Dimilo (involved with Nighlife Unlimited, Ann Joy, Erotic Drum Band, M, Extensive Care)
Vocals - Barbara Ingram , Carla Benson , Yvette Benton

Vocals by The Sweethearts of Sigma aka The Philadelphia Angels, The Sweethearts or the Sweeties. The trio sang backing vocals on numerous Philadelphia-based recordings during the 1970s and early 1980s. They were also part of John Davis and the Monster Orchestra. The trio consisted of :
- Barbara Ingram : Singer and songwriter, born in Camden, New Jersey. Cousin to Carla Benson. She was also a member of Ingram, a band that consisted entirely of Ingram siblings. Barbara Ingram passed away in October 1994.
- Carla Benson : Singer, born in Camden, New Jersey. Cousin to Barbara Ingram.
- Yvette Benton : Singer. Friend to Barbara Ingram and Carla Benson. She was also in MFSB and The Salsoul Orchestra.
They sang on records like : Grace Jones (Fame, Muse), Gaz, Evelyn "Champagne" King (Smooth Talk), Loleatta Holloway, The Stylistics and many more artists.

Barbara Ingram was born the second of nine children to Reverend N. Henry and Vera Ingram of Camden, NJ. Their family was large and built on a foundation of faith and love. Music was an integral part of the Ingram family, so it was no surprise that Barbara pursued a career in music.

In the early 70s, during a conversation with her friend, Thom Bell, Barbara learned of a new record label starting up in Philadelphia. The label was seeking session singers. She had just completed a brief stint as a Raelette and was hoping to find vocal work in her hometown. Barbara called her cousin, Carla Benson, who was studying voice at Glassboro State. Carla suggested her best friend, Evette Benton, a special education major, to complete the trio. The three put together an impromptu audition, drove to Philly, and the rest is history. Producer after producer came into the studio that day to hear what later became known as the “Godblend.”
Their first session was “Pool Of Bad Luck” with Joe Simon. Since then, they have appeared on thousands of recordings with countless artists -- from Lou Rawls to MFSB to Englebert Humperdinck. These talented ladies were dubbed “The Sweethearts of Sigma,” “The Philadelphia Angels,” “The Sweethearts,” and finally “The Sweeties” by Patti LaBelle, with whom they toured extensively. The Sweeties can be seen on Patti’s 1985 NBC-TV special, as well as a “Sesame Street” appearance with Patti.
One of Barbara’s more memorable appearances on record was as the sensual voice on Major Harris’ hit “Love Won’t Let Me Wait.” She was Teddy Pendergrass’ love interest in “Come Go With Me.” She recorded and performed with her brothers in the family group “Ingram;” and with her fellow Sweethearts, released a 12” in the mid-80s on the Streetwise label entitled “You’re Wearing Me Out.” Barbara also wrote and produced for many others.
Barbara struggled with lupus for many years. However, she rarely missed a beat -- music was such an important part of her life. But even more important than music was family. Barbara adored children. Whether at home in New Jersey or Virginia, children would surround her and that’s when she was happiest.
Barbara was predeceased by her husband, songwriter/producer Sherman Marshall (“Lady Love,” “The Whole Town’s Laughing at Me”), and her daughter, Denene.
She touched many lives before she entered into her eternal rest in October 1994. She will forever be missed.

* Plastic Surprise - Bang Bang (You Got The Money) + Disco Express.MP3

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R.L. - The Blogmeister zei

Do you know how hard I've looked to find out who sang the female backup vocal on Teddy Pendergrass's "Come Go With Me?? I've scoured the net, but today (12/28/09) I found your article on your blog informing me that (th late) BARBARA INGRAM is the woman!

Thank you so much for providing me the answer to a question I've had for years and years.